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"Our challenge is to give the customer something they want to have but never knew they were looking for but say they always wanted it when they get it." - unknown german quote

Welcome to the website of AcrylX® GmbH, your supplier of innovative materials for restorative dentistry and dental technology.

We specialize in the development and manufacture of acrylate-based resins that meet the most stringent dental requirements while providing the highest possible level of safety for both you and your patients. Our product range includes materials for full and partial dentures, crowns and bridges, orthodontic appliances as well as pattern resins and innovative CAD/CAM materials. An extensive range of auxiliary materials and accessories rounds off our product portfolio.

We develop our products in close cooperation with dental technicians, because they are ultimately the ones who process our materials. It is important for us to always have an open ear for dental technology and to respond to the wishes and needs of the laboratories. This is the focus of our research and development activities. Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Certification according to the Medical Device Regulation MDR will follow shortly.

We would be pleased if we could also enrich your daily laboratory routine with our innovative products.

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CAD/CAM-Refillmaterial, Autopolymerisat.

Kunststoff zur kostengünstigen Wiederbefüllung von verbrauchten CAD/CAM Fräsronden, direkt in Ihrem Labor. Das universelle Material kann für die Auffüllung sämtlicher auf dem Markt erhältlicher PMMA Blanks verwendet werden. Ebenfalls stehen befüllbare Aluminium- ringe in unterschiedlichen Höhen und Ausführungen für sämtliche Frässysteme zur Verfügung. Der Kunststoff ist in vielen verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Auch in Gingiva Farben für gefräste Prothesenbasen.


Xthetic® prime extra

Mit verlängerter plastischer Phase

Die Weiterentwicklung unseres innovativen Xthetic® prime Autopolymerisates. Aufgrund der verlängerten plastischen Phase ist dieses Material hervorragend für das Ausgießen gegenüberliegender Sättel in einem Arbeitsgang geeignet. Ebenso ermöglicht die plastische Konsistenz des Materials eine Verarbeitung in der Injektionstechnik.

pattern eXpress® DENTIN

Modeling plastic, autopolymer. The proven pattern eXpress® plastic is also in the color dentin for all dental modeling work, as well as for the production of Plastic stumps after over-molding suitable. The latter ensures a natural color in zirconium or Ceramic works, since the red color of the standard plastic is not affected by the Work shines through and confuses color perception.

Xthetic® denture fx

Intensive Color Set

Plastic for individual color characterization of full and partial dentures. Compatible with all common PMMA-based denture materials. The material was developed on the basis of a PMMA autopolymer and optimized for use in the insertion technique. Like our denture resins, this material is also absolutely color-stable.

Xthetic® prime extra

With extended plastic phase

The further development of our innovative Xthetic® prime Autopolymerisates. Due to the elongated plastic phase, this material is excellent for pouring opposite saddles suitable in one operation. Likewise, the plastic consistency of the material allows processing in injection technique.

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